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Google code-in is an annual competition hosted by Google Inc. Which allows pre-university students to compete in a 50 days online competition.

Being a globular program Google code-in is a great platform for the new generation for their steps in the world of Information Technology.Google code-in includes various tasks specified by various open source organisations.  

For whom it is? 

You know the best thing about Google code-in is that it if for the new generation allowing students of age 13-17 to participate. GCI is a very good opportunity for teenagers full with curiosity and Passion. New Mind gives fertile ideas and 
creations. What a fresh mind needs is a good direction and nothing else and it take the world to the top of development. That way is provided by Google Code-In

GCI 2016 
For the seventh consecutive year, Google code-in was announced  :Google Code-in 2016. Google code-in 2016 had been announced with 17 open source organisations with many tasks to choose from, and with successful contribution is at at its end. 

What type of tasks were available there?
During ones work in GCI with an organisation. one have to work on certain tasks related to : 

User Interface
Quality assurance
The tasks being completed with GCI includes various tasks from which one can learn a lot. Although this learning takes itself with interesting stuff also. One came to know a lot while doing a task.

My experience:

Talking about my experience, I learned  a lot from GCI. This is my second time to be a part of GCI but sadly last too.I learned a lot from Google Code-in. Google code being a globular and international open projects to students of pre-university, It is the reason that it was easy for me to be a part of this amazing stuff.
What I learn:

Image result for kde logoI get to know many things while working in GCI. KDE was the organisation with whom i felt the ease and freedom to explore about this amazing opportunity.

 I did task related to blogging designing Research documentation and training.Although my interest was towards designing tasks. I was successful to make some icons for Gcompris.




I made some icon variants for "KDE neon" also:



Also I felt so good and satisfied while working with KDE especially with Gcompris tasks. The tasks were so interesting and cool that they amazed me a lot. Also the IRC channel for KDE's Gcompris is full of helping and 'kind of always there' persons. All the mentors and students were so helpful to me.
The channel is #gcompris

Although I did some blogging tasks also. These tasks was related to the review of certain softwares and projects by KDE. these are:

  I learned a lot working with the Organisation. Also in then end of my blog with the days of summing up of GCI i would say that it was a cool experience for me to be a part of this awesome project ans I am proud be a part of  that.   :)

As in the words of  our fantastic Mentors:

Rahul Yadav says"A good experience conversing with new developers. Getting to know what Kin of problems they face.Mentoring for the first time showed me a software maintainer's perspective along with collaboration. Got some work done for my own activity. All in all good experience."

Johnny Jazeix says " On my side (mentor), really great surprises and amazing job done by some students.I though we would advance more on code tasks but the graphics have been improved a lot.
for Valorie Zimmerman it was the most relaxing year full of new contributors.

In the words of great contributors:

Spencer Brown says "This was my first (and final) gci, so I don't have a much of comparison, but its been awesome. I've been an opportunity yo meet new people and get involved with KDE,which I've wanted to do for a long time. I've also learned a lot about serious software development that I wouldn't have otherwise. 

Ilya Bizyaev says"Although this is my first and last GCI...I've managed to do all kind of tasks, mostly design ones.I am proud of what I managed to do.

Harpreet Singh says "Being a part of GCI was a proud to me. How open source organisation work and how they stay updated was so cool to know. As a participant i learn about the GCI process and its working and how to get started and as a learner I came to know how to get involved to new people and  how to manage the work. In the thanks to all to be a part of  GOOGLE CODE-IN"

Conclusion :
Image result for Conclusion                                       In the end I will conclude that Google code-in is a great opportunity for the new comers to explore the world and also to pay their contribution to "Make this World a better place."  

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